About Bocas del Toro

Mouths of the Bull. Bocas del Toro. It might have been a steamy, slate-gray morning when Christopher Columbus explored these islands. They exist much as they did back then; ancient basalt rock outcroppings crowned by a thick tangle of jungle canopy. Today, as the islands are approached by air, the deep blue seas are interrupted by a flash of turquoise as the shallows gather about the first islands of the archipelago. In quick succession, the turquoise waters punctuate the open sea and then break into open view as shallows around Isla Colon broaden.

Bocas del Toro is widely regarded as having the best beach properties on the Caribbean side of Panama and enjoys the distinction of being the 2nd most visited location in Panama according to the Latin Business Times.  The region’s crystal clear waters, rich Caribbean culture, abundant dining opportunities and laid back atmosphere all contribute to its growth as a vacation and retirement destination.  Bocas del Toro is only 30 miles from Costa Rica and its appeal as a destination has resulted in a vibrant vacation and expat community that is fueling the demand for investment in properties.    International investors in Bocas del Toro include American, Canadian, South American & European communities and this trend is likely to continue as Panama is largely being perceived as a safe haven that continues to grow in excess of 10% per annum.

As an international destination, Bocas del Toro caters to vacationers, boaters (cruisers and sailors), surfers, fishing enthusiasts, nature and bird lovers as well as those looking to start a small business to serve the local, expat and vacationing communities.  The region has the added benefit of being below the hurricane belt- no hurricane has ever been recorded in the area.    This is of great comfort to the boating and second home community and a key factor growth as the word continues to get out.   Bocas del Toro is frequently referred to as the Hawaii or Key West of the 1950’s.  It still retains that “being discovered” feel and that is indeed part of the charm.

Bocas del Toro is easily reached by air, sea and land.  There are several direct flights from Panama City on a daily basis (about an hour flight via Air Panama) and there is a much improved roadway to connect with David and Panama City via bus or rental car.